Will This Yogurt Freeze at 50,000 feet?

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It looks as if Red Bull has sparked a trend for all things stratospheric. To launch an Australian frozen yogurt brand, Cloud 9, to an audience of young, urban foodies, Grey Melbourne sent tubs of yogurt ingredients to an altitude of over 50,000 feet to test the temperature at which they would freeze. The agency targeted food bloggers by putting their names on tubs of yogurt and launching them into the sky attached to balloons containing a GPS. The journey was streamed live on the brand's website and the bloggers' followers could follow the retrieval team online. When they reached Earth, the tubs were rushed to the bloggers so they could see if the yogurt had frozen, and they were encouraged to tweet about the stunt with the hashtag #frozenintheclouds. As a result, the website received over 2.3 million unique impressions and 30% of sales of Cloud 9 were attributed to those new to the frozen yogurt category.

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