The New York Times Undergoes Major Redesign

Published on .

The New York Times has unveiled what it's billing as its largest website redesign in seven years -- and one thing's for clear, it sure is slick. The design has all that's hip currently in the world of online publishing -- from scroll-friendly formats to big, beautiful pictures, to an ability to customize homepages and sections according to your interests. It also is heavily focused on keeping readers on the site longer, by offering up more articles they might enjoy based on what they've been reading.

The site is also designed to appear just as beautiful on mobile devices as on desktops, a responsive layout that will mean good things for the third of its readership that now access the site on phones and tablet devices.

The new system also introduces the Times' first native ads, which the company said previously it would be labeling the "hell" out of to make sure there was no controversy or confusion over who was actually writing the ads. However, labeling the hell out of it also means the ads barely look native at all -- with a bright blue box around them and "paid post" coming up right at the top, they seem even more ad-like than regular ads.

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