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"This billboard [and another in a similar Dew-green cartoon-panel style] ran in high-pedestrian areas in Times Square and Hollywood in the fall of 2003," says BBDO art director Melinda Ward. "We wanted to do something that was relatively quiet compared to the stuff running around it, with lots of empty space. Since people were walking by rather than speeding past in a car, there was a little time for comic strip reading. "

Client: Mountain Dew Agency: BBDO/N.Y. CD: Bill Bruce AD: Melinda Ward CW: Mitch Bennett Illustrator: Dwight Allott


Washington State's Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasting Co. "was looking to expand distribution into grocery and extend the appeal of their brand to new consumer segments," explains Jeff Sanborn of Spokane, Wash.-based Magner Sanborn Renouard. "The region's premier coffee brand had outgrown its 'Junior Starbucks' look. So we revitalized Thomas Hammer, putting the company's youthful personality up front. A new color palette was chosen to address packaging 'step out' in a competitive retail environment, and a series of visual cues was established to strengthen the identity-and ultimately the equity-of the brand. Most importantly, we feel we captured the spirit of Thomas Hammer-the genetic code of the brand-to project a fresh, energetic experience into the coffee lifestyle category."

Client: Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasting Co. Agency: Magner Sanborn Renouard AD/CW: Jeff Sanborn Photographers: Jeff Sanborn, Dean Davis Producer: Kara LaRosa


The rude "Make 7Up Yours" campaign rolls on with vicious sight gags, like the ones seen in "Maximum Robots," in which the clever conceit is "vending machines that find you." The huge machines motor along on tank treads, crushing everything in their path, then pausing to fire cans into a man's body at 95 mph. Well-executed by Phil Morrison, and a real rib-tickler with the demo, no doubt.

Client: 7Up Agency: Young & Rubicam/N.Y. Global CD: Michael Patti CD/AD: Dave Skinner CD/CW: Darren Wright Agency Producer: Dante Piacenza Director: Phil Morrison/Epoch Films Editor: Dick Gordon/Mad River Post Effects: Smoke & Mirrors


In Pepsi's current "It's the Cola" blitz, food gets buddy-buddy with the product in a wide range of print and outdoor iterations. In two of the best spots on the TV side, a nerdy, alienated girl in a hot dog costume meets a nerdy, alienated boy in a Pepsi costume and they make beautiful food music together ("Summer Job"); and comedian Dave Chappelle, trying to be cool in a babe's apartment, has his pants eaten right off his body by a robot vacuum.

Client: Pepsi Agency: BBDO/N.Y. [Print] ECD: Don Schneider ADs: Eric Van Skyhawk, Chris Cole, Billy Siegrist, Sherrod Melvin Photographer: Thomas Card

[TV "Vacuum"] CCO: Ted Sann ECDs: Don Schneider, Bill Bruce CD/AD: Tom Darbyshire CD/CW: Ted Shaine Agency Producers: Regina Ebel, Brian Mitchell Director: Joe Pytka/Pytka Editor: Clayton Hemmert/Crew Cuts

[TV "Summer Job"] CCO: Ted Sann ECD/AD: Don Schneider ECD/CW: Bill Bruce Agency Producer: Hyatt Choate Director: Sam Bayer/RSA USA Editor: Tom Muldoon/Nomad


As the external marketing department for Santa Cruz, Calif.-based beverage company Drinks That Work, design/advertising firm 86 the Onions recently rebranded the Gizo line of energy drinks with a new name, logo, package design and positioning. Gizo is now Upshot, and according to 86, it's "the first and only concentrated energy drink on the market." Upshot Concentrated Energy, as it's called, "rapidly delivers a more powerful, longer-lasting energy boost in one convenient, 2-ounce shot." Whoa! "It has all the power and more of a canned energy drink, only in a smaller container." Like Mini Me, "When everyone else seems to be going bigger, Upshot is all about being small and powerful. Think espresso with a punch." Hence, "The primary focus of the overall design was to communicate energy and activity while appealing to a very diverse consumer base, from partygoers and office workers to truck drivers and athletes," says 86's Peter Vattanatham. "We created a logo that incorporates a subtle arrow in the negative space of the 'U'. This logo design also allows the 'U' to stand alone for a variety of applications. The colors chosen for the bottle flavors were intentionally very vibrant and intense. The end result was a modern design that was progressive, stylish and inviting."

Client: Drinks that Work Agency: 86 the Onions CD/CW: Chad Rea AD/Design: Peter Vattanatham


You can bet that Snapple-which is, after all, the official drink of the New York City school system, the result of a controversial five-year deal last year with the New York City Marketing Development Corp.-has a lot more going for it besides its brilliant bottle-animated TV campaigns. In addition to the usual round of consumer and trade print ads, alternative media ideas include deli bags, school planners, air banners and wall murals, like the one seen here, which can be found in Venice Beach, Calif. Not to mention assorted Snapple caps promotions tied in with

Client: Snapple Agency: Deutsch/N.Y. ECD: Kathy Delaney ACD/AD: Scott Bassen ACD/CW: David Rosen Senior Producer: Bruce Andreini Photographer: Mark Laita Digital Design/Retouching: Scott Cimock/Lux Imaging


Dr Pepper's "Be You" campaign continues its song-and-dance productions in a mock music vid format, pairing up female music stars, though for some reason only one of the pair gets title billing. Recent spots include "Anastacia," whose titular star gets down with Rod Stewart-near-lookalike Cyndi Lauper in a choreographed frenzy in a bowling alley; while "LeAnn Rimes" finds the youthful songbird doing a dusty country music routine with Reba McIntyre at a gas station.

Client: Dr Pepper Agency: Young & Rubicam/N.Y. ["Anastacia"] ECD: Jim Ferguson AD: Sacha Moser CW: Harold Kaplan Agency Producer: Rich Rosenthal Director: Paul Hunter/HSI Editor: Adam Pertofsky/Rock Paper Scissors


"Drinkable yogurt has been around for a while; Glen Oaks is one of many brands," according to DGWB CD/writer Enzo Cesario. "What sets them apart, though, is the fact they sell theirs in containers that are a lot bigger. So our idea was, basically, to show the Glen Oaks stuff as the bigger, better-looking and, hopefully, tastier snack on the block-or in the fridge." And it's not easy to scare carrots.

Client: Glen Oaks Yogurt Agency: DGWB Advertising ECD Jon Gothold CDs: Enzo Cesario, Dave Swartz AD: Dave Hermanas CWs: Enzo Cesario, Jason Norcross Photographer: Peter Samuels Print


Dana Paul, president/CEO of Providence, R.I.-based digital design studio Shazamm ( had a not very Zenlike revelation in conjunction with client Zen Bottling. "Every year I strive to make Shazamm's holiday gifts fun and innovative, and Sex Kola was our most popular," he recalls. "When our clients and friends went out of their way to thank us, I realized we might be onto something." So Sex Kola was born late last year, and while it's hardly a cola-it's a sugar-free, carb-free, calorie-free energy drink enhanced with the herbal "aphrodisiac" yohimbe, among other things-it's got a lot going for it. Like hot labels and catchy flavors like Randy Root Beer and Oral Orange. "In launching the brand, I wanted Sex Kola to be sexy, timeless and provocative without being offensive, and the retro pinup style from the '40s, '50s and '60s was the perfect solution," says Paul. The labels will change every three months, "to engage even those 'here today, gone tomorrow' customers. " The product presently has a limited distribution in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York, but we're sure word of, uh, mouth will be good. Shazamm is handling Sex Kola's complete identity, including the site.

Client: Sex Kola/Zen Bottling Agency: Shazamm CD: Jim Deacon Senior Designers: Peter Karpick, Keith Sereby Print Producer: Suzanne Manzler


Sprite's new integrated marketing campaign, from O&M and its Brand Integration Group, is based around a doll-sized homey named Thirst, who hangs with the likes of the NBA's LeBron James when he's not waxing street-philosophical on da corner. Besides the Kinka Usher-directed TV, there's a Thirst website; street marketing via urban content production company Frank 151 and urban artist Shepard Fairey; and "artistic" packaging, featuring what O&M calls "unexpected abstract, silhouette and holographic design elements reminiscent of works by popular artists Leroy Neiman, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol." The new look even comes in four visual concepts, called Effervescence, Mix and Match, Squeezin's and Camouflage. It's the carbonated shizzle, son.

Client: Sprite Agency: O&M/N.Y. CDs: David Apicella, Chris Wall. Terry Finley ACDs: Brendan Gibbons, Chris Curry CW: Rob Rooney AD: David Lloyd Agency Producer: Lisa Steiman Director: Kinka Usher/House of Usher Editor: Jon Hopp/Jigsaw [Print] ECD: Brian Collins CD: Weston Bingham Designers: Iwona Waluk, Maja Blazejewska Photographer: Jeffrey Schifman

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