CAT Trax: August 12. 2010

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Net Neut Roundup

Fast lane tolls, the cable-ization of the internet? The NY Times clarifies what's at stake, and which companies are playing on team Google/Verizon.

Information Retentive

Visualizing the lamest edit wars on Wikipedia. Via Information is Beautiful.

Nicholas Negroponte's Grave Prediction About Books

Within five years, they'll R.I.P. Via Techcrunch.

I Can Has History

Five alarm adorable: lineage of the cute cats phenomenon Via Today and Tomorrow.

And now, the iBike

Apple rolls into transportation. Via Inhabitat.

Feds get schooled on B Tards and Rickrolling

4chan founder Chris Poole's informative testimony against Palin email hacker.Via Gawker via The Smoking Gun.

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