CaT Trax: July 15: 2010

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Antenna Gate Continues. . .

Stay tuned for tomorrow's press conference, and read up on the debacle on Engadget's roundup.

Old Spice Fans Keep TMYMCSL Going on Voicemail

See them rally here. And the results. It didn't hurt to get help from TMYMCSL himself.

More Social Network Tease

Now, there's a trailer. . with actual footage from the film. Via Mashable.

"Howl" for the Tweet Generation

Wieden + Kennedy's Oyl Miller reimagines Allen Ginsberg's once controversial poem for the wired set. Meanwhile, the trailer for the Ginsberg Howl biopic just debuted, starring James Franco and the eternally stuck in the fifties stud, Jon Hamm.

Now you too can build an Android app.

No, really, you. Via Mashable.

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