CAT Trax: October 7, 2010

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@brainpicker's eloquent Gladwell rejoinder

Malcolm Gladwell set in action some poo flinging this week with his much discussed Small Change (The Revolution will Not be Tweeted) New Yorker piece. Needless to say, there were several retorts from the social media seats. Whatever your stance, Maria Popova (aka @brainpicker)'s answer to Gladwell on Design Observer is worth a read, as is Henry Jenkins' roundup of other critiques.

Facebook Addresses Social Networking's Biggest Problem

Ad Age's Irina Slutsky reports from Palo Alto about the site's new Groups and Data Portability features and the implications they have for marketers.

Halo Resurrected?

Reach has made the Halo franchise more popular than ever, no doubt making DreamWorks even more twitchy about seeing the saga on the big screen. NY Mag's Vulture looks at how the studio is trying to find a way around the mess that left Master Chief's saga in suspended animation.

Facebook Goes Hardcopy

All your friends on one poster—a clever person has found a way to capitalize on your desire to be popular. . .while Alex Tew rehashes his money-making ideas into a Facebook-themed book. Via Fast Company.

Losing friends on the interweb? There's a reason for that.

The University of Colorado's Christopher Sibona says don't be boring, racist or too political. Via the Daily Mail.

More About Brains on Tech—Are Smartphones Making You Dumb?

Wired's Brian X. Chen takes a deeper look into whether 24/7 information access takes a toll on our psyche.

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