CAT Trax: September 30, 2010

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There are streets in Antarctica?

Um, not sure, but you can find out now that Google StreetView is available on all seven continents, with the addition of imagery from Brazil, Ireland and that really cold place down south. Read more about it on the Google LatLong Blog.

Tweeting Fetus

Boone Oakley copywriter Keith Greenstein's son-to-be tweets from the womb.


Kick Ass—a bookmarklet that turns the web into one giant game of Asteroids.

Eat, Drink and Look Really Good Close Up

Italy's Italy's Uffizi Gallery releases super hi-res images of familiar classics, including a 3.4 billion pixel visualization of Caravaggio's Bacchus. Via Wired.

TED Ads worth Spreading

The conference launches an ad-driven contest. Winning ideas that redefine advertising in the digital age will earn a platform at the conference and on

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