CAT Trax: September 9, 2010

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Finally. . .some direction

Apple releases app store guidelines. And Techcrunch on what you need to know.

Welcome to the Decade of Games

SCVNGR's 21-Year-old Chief Ninja Seth Priebatsch speaks in the HBR.

Our Mall Got a Mapple Store and Setting Up a YouFace Page

Funny TV moments on tech and social media!
Via Mashable.

Google Instant Search

As if it weren't fast enough.
And now it's inspiring plenty of fun. Like this alphabet according to, via AdAge. And Gawker's searches to be embarrassed by—like Yeasayer vs. Yeast Infection.
Also, Lifehacker makes it even easier with these useful shortcuts.

Radical Proposal to Saving Advertising on the Web

BBH ECD Calle Sjoenell responds to Chris Anderson's Web is Dead Wired piece.

Has Technology Hit Its Plateau?

Saatchi's James Cooper thinks it's about time we start focusing on the ideas.

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