Guy Seese, Executive Creative Director, Cole & Weber/Red Cell

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What was the creative mandate behind this campaign?

Our mandate was "Don't fuck this up." People once loved Rainier Beer and we wanted them to remember that golden era, so rereleasing our favorite old ads was a no-brainer. However, that wasn't enough to rekindle the movement. We needed something bigger. We needed a talk show. So we found two real Rainier fans, Tim and Chuck put them on late night. Our mantra became, "What would Tim and Chuck do?"

What was your inspiration -- where did you get your cues?

Our inspiration was Rainier's old advertising and the Seattle of yesteryear. Taking cues from what the "old-timers" did was what kept us on track. Everything we did was based also on what the fans wanted. Tim and Chuck would tell us what people were saying to them and we would make it a reality. Rainier is a success because Rainier beer drinkers are fun and imaginative people.

Are you surprised by how well the campaign did at awards shows?

Yes, because to understand what we've created takes time. Like to have a friend takes time. And how many friends do judges really have?

Was it as successful with the target audience as with the judges?

Yes, absolutely. While Rainier is flying off the shelves, the other boring juggernauts of the beer industry are left behind in the freezer. seriously jeopardizing there "fresh-by" dates.

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