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What distinguishes the Clios as an awards show?

It could be that in Greek mythology, Clio, the Proclaimer, is the muse of history and celebrator of accomplishments. Or it could be respect for a competition that's been honoring exceptional creative achievements and innovations for longer than most of us have been alive. It might be that with nearly 19,000 entries from over 65 countries, the Clios truly are an international competition. But then again, it could be that simple, classic iconic trophy that just screams, "Look, Mom, I've won a major award!"

What was the overall caliber of TV work this year?

As usual, the first few days were spent trawling through the good, bad and indifferent. The jury scrutinized nearly 5,000 entries, constantly whittling away anything less than extraordinary. On the final day, I was delighted by the jury's decisions. The final reel contained outstanding work from all around the world. We had uncovered a raft of bold, daring and utterly disruptive ideas. But when it came to awarding Gold Clios, only 11 commercials were deemed to be worthy of this top honor.

Did you notice any trends in the work? Did the winners fall in line or buck the trend?

Humor, as always, plays well in the shows, and this year was no different. Brands that know how to entertain were well received. Sony PS2's "Golfers," Unilever Vim's "Prison Visitor," the Short Film Festival's "Good Cop, Bad Cop" and Bonjour Paris French School all featured outstanding thinking and they were rewarding to watch.

What distinguished the Grand Clio winner from the rest?

"Grrr" was six months in the making and it holds your attention for every beautifully crafted second. It is truly an unbelievable, magical piece of film, executed brilliantly. It's so different, unlike any car ad in history. Rewatchability is the name of the game, and this fine piece of work gets better with every viewing. What I personally love is the irony of using classic animation and an old-fashioned jingle to create the most modern, inspiring piece of work in the world. An idea rooted in something believable that goes straight to the essence of the brand. Honda is truly an amazing client. They believe in the power of dreams, and clearly the power of a big idea.

To what degree have awards shows evolved to take into account innovative work across media?

The Clios were the first major show to acknowledge that the industry is rapidly changing. The Content & Contact innovative category was launched in 2004, with the first-ever combined jury of both strategic media directors and creative directors. The idea and the medium should be inseparable, and this category celebrates ideas that look forward in time and act as a springboard for new creative possibilities.

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