Three Examples Why Itau's Creative Cred Is Changing the Game

Work Has Helped Bank Become One of Brazil's Biggest Brands

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The 12th Player
In TV spots created by Africa, Brazil is transformed into a giant stadium that welcomes the world, and Brazilians travel to the games from all over the country by road, river and hot-air balloon. The latest video introduces Itau's World Cup anthem for Brazil's fans, sung by famous musicians in karaoke style with the words on the screen, so all can learn the lyrics and sing along. In the first few weeks, more than 10 million people did. Mr. Chacon, who will attend 20 World Cup games, says, "Our campaign invites people to come on the field, be the 12th player." Coming up: Fans will be able to hover their iPad over a print ad by DM9 DDB and see classic goals from past World Cups.

Save Paper
The bank repurposed a homemade YouTube video -- it went viral in the U.S. -- of a baby laughing as his dad tore up a letter. It became Itau's most-watched video, with more than 15 million views. That led to a TV commercial that scored record recall numbers. And, in a bizarre twist, an internet debate erupted claiming the baby was laughing because the pillow next to him had a marijuana-leaf design. Instead of shying away from controversy, Africa went to the family's home and shot a new spot with the bewildered parents explaining why they liked the pillow. Results: 625,368 customers opted to go paperless, double the goal of 300,000.

Happily Ever After
Conscientious Credit tutorials explain how to use financial products responsibly in simple but lively 100-second videos with engaging characters, including an animated Cinderella who is a shoe addict and has made bad use of credit cards. She learns how to use credit wisely, at the best interest rate, and lives happily ever after.

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