American Express Taps Tina Fey to Introduce New Credit Card

Ad will Debut During ABC's Academy Awards Broadcast

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You saw her at the Golden Globes and now you'll see her at the Oscars too. Tina Fey will star in an American Express commercial during the broadcast tonight introducing the company's new offering -- the Everyday Credit Card. The card allows users to earn rewards on everyday purchases and 20% more reward points after every 20 transactions.

With the new credit card, the company is trying to appear inclusive and attract a new set of consumers. "We want to banish the notion that American Express is not affordable," said Andrew Katz, VP-advertising at American Express. "We, as a brand, are much more approachable than people think and have a tremendous range of products,"

The company also hopes to target busy moms looking for a hassle-free experience when they run errands. Ms. Fey, with her multiple roles as a mom, writer and actress fit the bill. "Tina Fey is universal in many ways with her humor, she is easy to relate to with her 'every woman-ness' and this campaign is really about people who multi-task," said Mr. Katz.

Ms. Fey, who has previously appeared in American Express print ads and TV commercials, will be seen doing "everyday" mundane chores such as buying acne cream, dropping off dry cleaning and getting a manicure.

American Express is also introducing an app which will act as a digital counter for the card, keeping track of consumers' transactions and bonuses.

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