April Fool's 2017: All the Pranks That Are Fit to Print

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Whopper-flavored toothpaste? Check. Scores of jokes aimed at those silly Snapchat-loving millennial kids? Check. The return of Paris Hilton as a celebrity brand ambassador? Check. Marketers churned out their April Fool's Day traditions in full force this year. Below, we've highlighted some of our favorites.

Honda: Horn Emojis

Emojis conquer the auto industry with a new campaign from Honda, which used its innovation lab to create horn honking sounds and accompanying emojis for a myriad of driving instances. Because road rage is only overcome when you can honk it out.

Quilted Northern: uSit

The toilet paper brand takes advantage of the popularity of fitness tracking devices to introduce a gadget that monitors potty habits. Sure to fly off the retail shelves, uSit, the world's first biometric bathroom device, allows users to set sitting goals, share with friends and of course, track all-important data.

GreenChef: The All-Kale Plan

Here's this year's ode to kale, the super-food no hipster can live without as evidenced by the rabid fighting at Whole Foods in Brooklyn. This year's prank is courtesy of organic meal delivery company GreenChef.

Blink: XT1 EPV

Got 20,000 AA batteries? Blink, which makes home security cameras, debuts its Blink XT1 EPV, the first car that runs on batteries, coming summer 2018. The dramatic trailer slowly builds suspense as it unveils the sleek automobile and poses the question we've all pondered—what if a car could run on store-bought batteries?

Buffalo Wild Wings: Rally Beard Sauce

As it tries to sell its newest product, Rally Beard Sauce, which is spicy garlic sauce guaranteed to encourage beard growth that will help cheer on favorite sporting teams, Buffalo Wild Wings educates on all the nicknames out there for facial hair—jowl towel, chin pashmina, kiss killer and razor hater, to name a few. But will the magic sauce also take the sting out of the brand's recent fourth-quarter same-store sales decline?

Other standouts include a new sale and rental site specifically for pets from Trulia. Jim Beam took advantage of any bean-name association from confused consumers by creating Jim Beans, a savory bar snack aged one day in a tin can. And who knows? These products could become a reality worth repeating. Earlier this week, Schmaltz announced that it's temporarily re-releasing its Circum Session Ale, originally birthed as a prank two years ago.

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