Arconic Reimagines World of 'The Jetsons' in New Campaign

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Global technology, engineering and manufacturing company Arconic is channeling the 1962 cartoon "The Jetsons" in a campaign highlighting the coming innovations in the sky, on the road and in our cities.

Arconic, formed from the split of aluminum manufacturer Alcoa earlier this year, created a live-action reimagination of the world of "The Jetsons," a TV series set in the then-100 year future of 2062. The spot depicts a world with flying cars, two-mile-high buildings, and new kinds of spacecraft, airplanes and cars, all enabled by Arconic technology.

"From the beginning we knew we wanted to create a campaign that featured Arconic as the future- oriented company that we are," said Libby Archell, chief communications officer at Arconic."The focus was on creating a campaign that would create rapid brand equity for a brand new brand...We brought together doing something future-focused and putting Arconic on the map quickly, and the idea of recreating 'The Jetsons' was born," Ms. Archell said.

Alcoa left quite the legacy for Arconic, with past projects in early aircraft, space, and automobile innovations. "We know where the market is going... 'The Jetsons' are an iconic reference point for the future. We wanted to use 'The Jetsons' as a vehicle to showcase how Arconic could bring that future to life," Ms. Archell said.

"When you think of how many things 'The Jetsons' predicted that have come true...there's no more qualified brand than Arconic based on their history," said Andrew Bailey CEO of The&Partnership, the agency that developed the digital video, print and outdoor ampaign for Arconic.

Film director Justin Lin, known for his work on "Star Trek Beyond" and on "The Fast and the Furious" sequels, collaborated with futurists to make the spot.

Ms. Archell said in the future we can expect to see, "Buildings that stretch for miles high, which of course you will need materials to withstand storm force winds and carry extra glass and material. We will see driverless and autonomous vehicles, culminating in the flying car. Planes will be able to carry us much further and much quicker, using less fuel. On the space exploration front, our experts believe space vehicles will be printed on the surface of Mars using materials found on that planet."

"One of the great things about this campaign is that this could have been just another dull b-to-b expression of an idea. What we thought was exciting was that we had the opportunity to say things and do things. Obviously we are doing something unique with rebooting "The Jetsons," said Mr. Bailey.

In this newly-imagined world of "The Jetsons," also set in 2062, George is a senior engineer at Arconic; Jane is its chief innovation officer; Judy is studying architecture in Paris and Elroy attends school at Little Dipper Elementary.
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