Last Chance to Score Your Webcast Invite: How Brands Can Restore Credibility in Our 'Fake News' Times

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Ad forecasters have been citing uncertainty due to political changes as a primary reason for slower growth in ad spending in 2017. The political environment is influencing all communication, from what brands say to where they say it. Brand messages, no matter where they are deployed, are in danger of being rejected by consumers as not only intrusive but untrustworthy in an era when all media is being questioned and even iconic journalistic brands are being derided as "fake news."

How should marketers be coping? Join us on March 16 for an exclusive deep dive into the repercussions of this year's unprecedented media environment.

A Crisis of Credibility
Exclusive Ad Age Webcast for Premier Members (and Datacenter subscribers)
Thursday, March 16 at 2 p.m. ET

· Why political changes are the primary reason for slower growth for ad spending
· How the political environment is influencing brand communication
· Why brand messages are in danger of being seen as not only intrusive, but untrustworthy
· Why media credibility should matter to marketers
· How to avoid courting controversy in branded content
· Why both trust among business partners and transparency in metrics is critical to success

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This post was originally published on March 1 and was updated on March 14.

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