Burger King Moves Forward With Others on Peace Day Burger

After McDonald's Polite Rebuff, BK Finds Other Chains Eager to Join in

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Possible Burger King Peace Day Burger packaging.
Possible Burger King Peace Day Burger packaging. Credit: Burger King

After being shot down by McDonald's, Burger King is forging ahead with its Peace Day plans, enlisting other chains that jumped on the chance to play peacefully.

Last week, Burger King issued a public letter and web site, pushing McDonald's to join with its rival for a McWhopper, to be sold on Sept. 21 -- or as the UN calls it, Peace Day. McDonald's quickly rebuffed the idea in a short online letter simply signed "Steve, McDonald's CEO," but the story didn't end there, as other chains chimed in.

Late Tuesday, Burger King issued a new letter announcing it will work with a few chains on its pop-up Peace Day shop, including some much smaller players that could see their popularity rise, thanks to the publicity. The plan now includes Denny's, Krystal, Wayback Burgers and Giraffas.

Denny's was vocal in its plans, issuing a few tweets and taking out ads in Sunday's New York Times and Miami Herald, along with Monday's USA Today.

"The 'Peace Day Burger' is the ultimate collaboration from some of the best burger forces in America and, as America's Diner, it is only fitting that Denny's help lead the way with this unique burger merger," Denny's Chief Marketing Officer John Dillon said in a statement Wednesday.

Krystal issued its own playful letter when it joined the conversation on Aug. 26, the same day Burger King issued its public offer to McDonald's.

Wayback Burgers, home to sandwiches such as the Triple Triple, announced its intent to play along with ideas such as the Whiple Whiple.

And Giraffas, best known in Brazil, went so far as to say someone else "McChickened Out" in its offer to collaborate.

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