Carl's Jr. Sends Message to Amazon on Twitter: Please Buy Us

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Hey Amazon: how about burgers and fries with those organic avocados from Whole Foods?

Carl's Jr., the chain formerly run by one-time Trump cabinet nominee Andy Puzder, is hoping a Twitter publicity stunt aimed at the e-commerce giant will create some buzz for a brand that has stopped using ads of bikini-clad models eating its burgers.

The official Twitter account of Carl's Jr., which has 92,000 followers, started tweeting a day-long barrage so-called "big ideas" with the hashtag "AmazonBuyUs" on Monday. One of the first tweets said Amazon should acquire the fast-food chain.

"We've got dozens of billion-dollar ideas for this partnership, from the world's first-ever self-driving restaurant to a chicken tender dash button," the company said. The ideas also included a special "prime" drive-through lane for faster service and a "cloud-based" restaurant.

-- Bloomberg News

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