Five Ads That Will Get You Psyched For Father's Day

Dove, Minute Maid and Toyota Capture Highs And Lows Of Fatherhood

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It's time again for the annual salute to dad. While most "dadvertisements" tout the best sale prices in town, others truly encapsulate the tears, growing pains, cook-outs and hugs associated with fatherhood.

In case you needed a reminding (to send a card) or of just how special your old man is, we present five spots that pull at our heartstrings and get us thinking about dear old dad.

Dove Men + Care: First Fatherhood Moments

The latest spot from Dove kicks it back to where it all started. The ad, created by Havas Helia, captures the moment when real men first learn they'll be fathers. From jaw drops to smiles, the organic and home video-style approach highlights the excitement surrounding new parenthood (well, until the 3 a.m. crying ensues).

Ad Council/ Future Without Violence: Teach Early

On a more solemn note, "Teach Early," with a voice-over by Forrest Whitaker, documents the teaching moments for a father/son duo as they hit baseballs and score goals. The closing line, "but how much time did you spend on teaching him what not to hit?" is a sobering reminder to encourage open discussion about violence against women.

Birchbox Men: #MyDadMyStyleIcon

Playing dress-up isn't only for girls -- and if you need further proof, just check out the lighthearted spot from Birchbox Men. With the Father's Day spirit in mind, five (brave) fathers leave grooming matters in their sons' hands. The end result? You'll have to see for yourself.

Minute Maid: #Doinggood

While he probably won't admit to it, sometimes pop needs some encouraging words. This spot from Minute Maid will bring tears to your eyes before you can even blurt out Happy Father's Day.

Toyota Japan: Loving Eyes

The two-part video from Toyota Japan truly epitomizes the idea of daddy's little girl. The emotional spot tells the tale of growing up from dad's point of view and then from his daughter's. Transitioning from car seats and slamming doors to wedding bells, the montage's celebration of fatherhood also alludes to the bumpy ride that is parenting.

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