Charmin Truck Dumps Load of TP on Tight End Jake Butt Ahead of Draft

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Credit: Twitter

What has four wheels and wipes?

In a match made in marketing heaven, Charmin sent its Charmin Dump Truck to drop a load at University of Michigan tight end Jake Butt's home in Pickerington, Ohio -- just in time for the NFL Draft on Thursday.

The partnership is expected to be fully disclosed later in the week, but early coverage went out late Wednesday via USA Today's For the Win Blog and SB Nation. And the internet's inner-12-year-old rejoiced.

Credit: Procter & Gamble Co./Twitter

Charmin began teasing the effort yesterday via its Twitter account. It's the first major appearance for the Charmin Dump Truck since 2014, when the vehicle made its way to Times Square as part of an event where The Naked Cowboy handed out samples.

Butt, or @Jbooty_88 on Twitter, hurt his elbow in the Orange Bowl game against Florida State and may not go until the third round, according to So it's possible Charmin ends up being the butt of the joke here.

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