Chipotle's Crumpacker, Still Facing Drug Charges, Is Back on the Job

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Chipotle Chief Creative and Development Officer Mark Crumpacker
Chipotle Chief Creative and Development Officer Mark Crumpacker Credit: Chipotle Mexican Grill via Instagram

Chipotle Mexican Grill said Friday that Mark Crumpacker, who was arrested in July on cocaine possession charges, is back at the company.

As Chipotle's chief creative and development officer, Mr. Crumpacker is one of the company's top executives. He was the public voice of the efforts to rebound from a sales slump related to food safety concerns before being charged with seven counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance this summer.

His return was reported by the Associated Press on Friday afternoon. According to the AP, his return was announced within the company on Sept. 8. Mr. Crumpacker briefly appeared in court on Sept. 8 and the matter was adjourned until Oct. 18.

On Friday, Chipotle said any mistakes Mr. Crumpacker may have made were not related to and did not affect his work. The company did not immediately confirm whether or not Mr. Crumpacker was being paid during his administrative leave, which began on June 30.

Here is what Chipotle had to say on Friday:

After careful consideration and review, we've learned that any mistake Mark may have made in his personal life was not related to, nor did it affect, his work. In the eight years that he has been with Chipotle, he has been an extremely valuable member of our leadership team and contributed greatly to Chipotle's success.

The recent months have been personally challenging for Mark, but he has remained committed to doing what is best for Chipotle. While on leave, Mark voluntarily completed a rehabilitation program, and he is excited to get back to work at the company he loves. Our executive team and board of directors believe that having Mark continue to lead our marketing and development efforts is what is best for our company, our employees, our investors, and our future.

Mr. Crumpacker is due back in court in New York on Oct. 18. The seven dates of possession included in his indictment range from Jan. 29 through May 14.

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