No, Chrissy Teigen Didn't Leave the Globes for McDonald's -- She Was Too Busy Making Tacos

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In a new commercial that aired during Sunday's Golden Globes, McDonald's shows Chrissy Teigen leaving an awards show to hit its drive-thru. One catch: In real life, the model was tweeting about skipping the show and making tacos.

The ad shows Teigen, author of the appropriately-named "Cravings" cookbook, driving an SUV to a McDonald's drive-thru where the chain's new $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu is displayed.

"Can I have a they-never-feed-you-at-those-things meal, please?" Teigen says.

She departs with five cheeseburgers and five McChicken sandwiches (each is $1 each on that new value menu) and heads back to the theater, sits down in her row and shares the food. The spot appeared days after the national introduction of the new value menu, a key part of McDonald's U.S. strategy.

Teigen, however, wasn't at the Globes: She was busy making tacos, according to her Twitter feed.

Plus, if we're being nitpicky, anyone who watches the Globes knows the stars aren't seated in theater-style rows during that particular show. They're seated at round tables. And food is served. But surely McDonald's can use the ad during the plethora of shows at which Teigen might sit in the audience.

Teigen, whose social media feeds are often peppered with posts about husband John Legend, their daughter, their current pregnancy and food, did share a McDonald's ad on Twitter on Sunday—albeit not her own.

She then appeared to seek the adoration of her fans for her own ad, opting for all caps rather than sharing the spot itself or even mentioning McDonald's.

One note McDonald's nailed? Teigen is dressed up in black. And while viewers didn't see Teigen at the Globes, they definitely saw plenty of black attire, which was the color of the evening at Sunday's show as stars protested sexual harassment.

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