Coke Retools Teen Campaign in Second Year

TV, Packaging Promotion Added to 'The Ahh Effect'

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Coca-Cola is taking its "The Ahh Effect" campaign targeting teens offline in its second year.

The campaign, created as a socially and digitally led effort, will now add TV spots and packaging promotion to the mix in an effort to reach more teens. In its first year, the Ahh ecosystem, which consists of 61 unique websites, attracted 7.5 million visits, with teens spending an average of six minutes per visit. The majority of the sites -- each has a different number of "h's" appended at the end of the "Ahh" -- highlight product attributes, like the perfect temperature for serving a Coke.

"We're helping teens rediscover the liquid, the product," said Andy McMillin, VP-Coca-Cola trademark for Coca-Cola North America. "We've seen an increase in purchase intent and we're seeing substantial increases in some core equity measures."

"We're giving teens a reason to choose us. It gives teens a reason to reach for a Coke," added Jennifer Healan, group director-integrated marketing content and design for Coca-Cola North America, of the campaign's emphasis on product attributes.

Coke has been working to more closely connect its marketing with its product -- a strategy that was on display in "Mirage," the brand's 2013 Super Bowl effort. In that campaign, showgirls, cowboys and badlanders competed for a Coke, depicted as the ultimate refreshment.

Ahh landing page
Ahh landing page

The brand will continue to refine the "Ahh ecosystem" and has redesigned the landing page for the campaign. Teens can now more easily filter the various games, as well as create playlists. It's also added Penguin Curling, a multi-player, multi-device game where players slide a virtual stone across up to seven devices. On packages, 20-ounce bottles will feature Ahh content and drive consumers to various URLs related to the campaign.

The first TV spot, "Feels Like Ahh," is airing now, while a second, "This is Ahh" is slated to debut at the end of April. The second commercial will be the first produced by Coca-Cola to exclusively feature user-generated content. Teens are being asked to submit short video clips showing what it feels like when they drink a Coke.

"We want to be where teens are. Social and digital is core to this campaign, but we wanted to expand the footprint of Ahh," Ms. Healan said. "Teens watch TV. ...As we think about the additional eyeballs we get, it's a no brainer."

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