CVS Moves Beyond Newspaper Circulars With Personalized Deals

CMO Rob Price Talked About Personalization at Scale at CMO Strategy Summit

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For a company with 7,500 stores and $120 billion in sales, CVS has a lot of data on its customers, which it uses to customize stores and pharmacies to better serve local markets.

But for mass reach, it still relies heavily on media that haven't been customized: newspaper circulars. "Today our paper weekly circulars are like Model-T Fords -- you can have any color as long as its black. They're not customized at all," said CVS CMO Rob Price at Ad Age's CMO Strategy Summit in San Francisco.

The solution? Last week CVS launched its MyWeekly custom deal service along with its "what's your deal" tagline and TV spots. Mr. Price talked about the initiative and the importance of personalization at scale to CVS.

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And here's a look at one of the spots.

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