E-Trade CMO Liza Landsman to Depart Next Month

Exec Helped Brand Adopt More Grown-Up Ad Approach

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E-Trade CMO Liza Landsman at Ad Age's 2014 Digital Conference
E-Trade CMO Liza Landsman at Ad Age's 2014 Digital Conference

E-Trade CMO Liza Landsman is exiting the company in late February.

Ms. Landsman, who joined the company in 2013, helped usher in a new brand campaign last year that traded in the company's talking spokesbaby for a more serious approach."Type E," created by Ogilvy & Mather, aimed to reflect the company's maturing audience. Kevin Spacey was tapped for the TV portion of "Type E," which also featured a musical spot with professionals touting their investment knowledge.

The news of Ms. Landsman's departure was first reported on George Parker's blog "AdScam."

"It all starts with the customer," Ms. Landsman said at the Ad Age Digital Conference last year. "When I joined last summer, everyone told me they loved the baby. And I would say, 'Great, do you have an account with us?' And they would mostly say, 'No.'"

As investing became more complex, the company needed to evolve its marketing strategy, Ms. Landsman said at the time.

"At the moment [the campaign] landed on the scene, it captured something that was important at the time -- online investing is so easy a baby can do it," said Ms. Landsman. "What has happened over time is the baby ate the brand. It didn't make sense for us to pretend investing was easy. Hence the baby went into retirement."

A spokesperson for E-Trade declined to comment on Ms. Landsman's exit, or reveal who will head up marketing in her absence.

Ms. Landsman could not be reached on Wednesday afternoon.

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