How E-Trade Will Grow Up Without Its Baby

Focus Will Be On Passionate Investors in Control of Their Financial Destiny

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The Facebook page post reads: "Change isn't just for diapers. Time for me to move on."

And with that, the E-Trade baby officially ends his five year run as spokeschild for the online trading company. There has been speculation that E-Trade would drop the tot since Ogilvy wrested the account from Grey last July. E-Trade isn't explaining why it's changing direction just yet.

"Our business has evolved from day trader to financial partner. To support this shift we have decided to create a new creative campaign. Stay tuned," said spokeswoman Tracy Seidensticker.

But it seems that as investors becomes more sophisticated, the way the brand speaks to them must also grow up. "In the broadest sense, the baby campaign was good," said Russell Messner, global managing director for E-trade at Ogilvy New York. "But the insight does not resonate with our target audience anymore," he said.

Ogilvy's plan for the new campaign is to focus on reaching out to E-trade's customers who are equipped with new technologies and tools, now that the financial crisis has convinced investors that their involvement in financial decisions is imperative. "The population has taken control and we need to demonstrate that control and become a passion project," Mr. Messner said.

However, he hinted that the new campaign will be in keeping with E-trade's fun personality that Grey worked hard to create with the baby.

On parting with E-trade, Grey spokesman said, "E-Trade was a dream client and we made advertising history together. We'll always look back with admiration and a little awe at what we accomplished together. We wish them and Ogilvy, our sister agency, nothing but the best."

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