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Apple. Mini. Motorola. Sony. Target.

They're the brands most referenced in any conversation on good design, the companies that have carved their niche in the marketing world as design-savvy icons.

But what of the rest of marketers, the ones who have held to pricing strategy and mass advertising to sell and promote their products and services-neglecting design as a differentiator in the process? What's to become of them if they don't break down age-old barriers that have left design out of the marketing equation? No doubt, design has become the critical weapon for marketers to wield in an era of ever more sophisticated and style-conscious consumers.

In this, the design issue of Point, some of the brightest minds in design cast light on CMOs' blind spots when it comes to design-and how those who have lingered on the sidelines of the design revolution can and must now jump into the fray in order to succeed, and, in some cases, survive.

The cover story is a collection of profiles of executives who are infusing their marketing operations with a design sensibility, starting with a look at how Philips CMO Andrea Ragnetti and Philips Design CEO Stefano Marzano continue to escalate the quality and impact of their company's marketing and advertising efforts by leveraging design principles, principles that affect not only the look and feel of the products, but also the inner workings of the Philips marketing organization.

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