Best Election Day Marketing Ideas

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Y&R and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que's Election Day campaign.
Y&R and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que's Election Day campaign. Credit: Courtesy Young & Rubicam New York (Y&R NYC)

The 2016 presidential election has inspired plenty of creative works in the lead-up to Nov. 8. Now that Election Day is finally here, marketers are stepping it up to bring election-themed branding to voters as they head to the polls and before the drinking and parties begin.

Credit: Courtesy Young & Rubicam New York (Y&R NYC)

If you're tired of partisan rants, two creative directors at Young & Rubicam New York and restaurant chain Dinosaur Bar-B-Que have you covered. Today, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que's East Coast eateries are offering a menu that features "Left Wings," "Right Wings" and the "F*ckIt Buckit" -- a combo of both for the undecided.

Izod's Ken Bone campaign trending on Twitter.
Izod's Ken Bone campaign trending on Twitter. Credit: Via Twitter

Famously undecided voter Ken Bone has his own Election Day emoji, sponsored by Izod, the makers of his signature red sweater. Unfazed by Mr. Bone's internet fame turning to internet shame, the marketer worked with Twitter to create the emoji, which appears when "#MyVote2016" is included in a tweet and continues the get-out-the-vote message featured in its "Ken Bone's Fifteenth Minute" spot.

Kettle's election-themed campaign.
Kettle's election-themed campaign. Credit: Courtesy Duncan Channon

On the way to and from the polls, voters might spot marketers such as Kettle using the opportunity to address election issues in out-of-home advertising. Kettle's election-related campaign titled "Stir the Pot" includes bus shelter ads with slogans such as "Flavor bold enough to smash glass ceilings," calling attention to women's rights, and "More cheddar than the one percent," nodding to income inequality issues. Another ad in the Duncan Channon produced campaign features "Love is love is maple is bacon," referring to same-sex marriage.

Finally, once Election Day is over, Flint & Steel hope voters will unite regardless of the result and take part in its post-election digital handshake "Shake It Off" campaign and "shake a hand from across the aisle and across the country."

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