Enter Your 6-Second Ad or Branded GIF in the Creativity Awards' Short-Form Category

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We'll keep this quick: The Creativity Awards this year has introduced a category dedicated to short-form work.

The Short-Form Featured Category will honor the best of tiny but might attention-grabbers, the biggest successes in formats that have become increasingly important in an era of ad avoidance, be they memes in marketing, GIFs by brands or very quick video hits.

"We like the idea of encouraging all advertisers to use TV advertising and this is a way to do it," Fox Networks Group executive Suzanne Sullivan said last summer, when Fox started selling 6-second ads in its broadcast of the Teen Choice Awards.

Facebook is working with advertisers to come up with super-brief ads that aren't just cutdowns of TV spots. "It is going to be a new art form," Andrew Keller, global creative director of Facebook's Creative Shop, told Ad Age in November. "It will have its own language."

A branded GIF from Papa John's Pizza has even become "a top expression of excitement" among GIFs, The New York Times reported last month.

So Ad Age is making sure that our Creativity Awards don't only recognize beautiful long-form work but also the best short advertising out there—nothing longer than 15 seconds. We'll be looking for creativity and effectiveness both.

But the deadline to enter the Creativity Awards, including the Short-Form category, is coming up soon on Jan. 11, 2018, at 5 p.m. EST. Enter here.

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