Kaepernick is NOT in a Ford ad, despite what you've read

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A false news story circulating via Twitter normally is not worth a mention. Except that this one, headlined "Ford USA follows Nike's Example with Surprise Kaepernick Endorsement," which pretends to be from Fox News, has people falling for it.

The hoax, which shows a kneeling Kaepernick next to a Ford pickup and is obviously photoshopped, drew the attention of fact-checking site Snopes.com. It traced it to a tweet posted by @Patterico, who jokingly wrote that "I'll pay Ford $10 if they put Kaepernick in a commercial for F-150s so I can watch some dumbass torch his pickup on Twitter, who's with me." It's a reference to some people burning their Nike shoes after the brand put Kaepernick in an ad that debuted last week.

Then, as Snopes reports, a Reddit user created the fake news item, and labeled the post "Please Make This Actually Happen."

(Adding fuel to the fact that the ad is an obvious fake: It would have been a pretty risky move for a pickup truck whose sales are generated by plenty of people in red states.)

"We saw it and it's fake news," a Ford spokeman said.

As Snopes points out, Ford already took a stand on the NFL issue. Last year, the company said it respects NFL players rights to kneel during the anthem, which some have done to protest social inequities. "We respect individuals' rights to express their views, even if they are not ones we share," Ford stated last year. "That's part of what makes America great."

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