How Proud Girl Scout Dad Chris Rock Got the Oscar Cookie Sale Started

Netting Thousands of Dollars, Sunday Night's Effort Was Prompted by the Academy Awards Host

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The Girl Scouts selling cookies at the Oscars was indeed a real proud papa moment.

During Sunday night's Academy Awards, host Chris Rock took on a role familiar to many parents around the country: hawker of Girl Scout cookies. Turns out, it is a role he brought on himself.

"Girl Scouts of the USA tip our hats to Chris Rock, who requested Girl Scouts' involvement with the Oscars," the group told Ad Age.

Plenty of parents reach out to friends and colleagues during cookie-selling season in the hopes of helping their daughters raise money for their troops while honing some business skills. For some (full disclosure: including this reporter), that might mean asking a colleague whether they want to fork over a few bucks per box for Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints or other cookies to support the kid's troop. When you're Chris Rock, that means taking Girl Scouts to the Oscars to hit up celebrities such as Tina Fey and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Girl Scouts said Mr. Rock reached out to a troop leader, and the organization stepped in from there. When asked how much control the Girl Scouts had over the content aired, the group was a bit coy: "Working with the Academy was a team effort. We helped out in any way we could."

According to an on-screen tally, the Girl Scouts raised more than $65,000 on Sunday night.

The Girl Scouts said it did not work with any agencies on its brand's big opportunity. Representatives from the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles were at the Oscars.

The Girl Scouts moments were widely shared on social media. The Girl Scouts of the USA said its own social media team sent tweets from the @GirlScouts handle during the event.

Of course, the organization got even more attention from tweets sent by celebrities. A single post from Mindy Kaling, which showed an open package of Samoas, garnered more than 3,550 retweets and 15,150 likes.

Even Vice President Joe Biden gave Mr. Rock money for the Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scouts wasn't the only food brand that got a nod from Chris Rock on Sunday. Before the show, he tweeted a video of him placing an order at a McDonald's drive-thru.

"We were just as surprised as everyone else, and glad to see Chris stopped by for McDonald's All-Day Breakfast on such a big night," McDonald's said.

Sunday night's cookie sale was not the first time a host has helped promote a food during the Academy Awards. In 2014, Ellen DeGeneres gave a Los Angeles pizza shop some air time. That in-show delivery also aided non-sponsor Coca-Cola, which had its logo on the boxes from Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria.

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