When Good Logos Go Bad

Olive Garden's New Logo Is Just the Latest to Be Met With Criticism

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Olive Garden's logo refresh
Olive Garden's logo refresh

Revamping a brand is a tricky proposition.

The most recent logo refresh by ailing Olive Garden, has been widely critiqued. The logo, designed by Lippincott, is part of what parent company Darden is calling a strategic growth plan and "brand renaissance." It includes new menu items, smaller plates and a new advertising direction, though the company for now is mum on details of the latter.

Critics have said the updated logo is generic, with some saying it looks like a logo created by a first-year design student.

Olive Garden is hardly the first company to face criticism of a new logo. In recent years, Gap and Tropicana redesigns have raised the ire of consumers and led the companies to scrap their efforts in favor of old designs.

Here, a handful of brand revamps that haven't gone over well.

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