Greenpeace's 2011 Anti-VW Video Looks So Much Different Now

The Video Mocked VW's Star Wars Super Bowl Spot

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Sometimes it takes a few years for reality to catch up to marketing.

Case in point: this video from Greenpeace, circa 2011, using Volkswagen's ultrapopular Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial from that year as the basis of a spot to chide the German automaker for opposing more stringent emissions standards.

In the video, a child Darth Vader -- facing a raft of child Jedi knights, droids, wookies and other anti-empire characters from the Star Wars movies -- looks up for salvation to an orbiting half-completed Death Star. The main weapon of the "fully operational battle station," a world-destroying laser cannon, is emblazoned with a VW logo.

The one-minute video looks vastly different in light of VW's admissions this month that it actively subverted emissions tests in the United States and globally on some 11 million vehicles.

At the end of the spot, Greenpeace asks its viewers to "Join the rebellion."

Something I'm sure more than a few VW owners are now more willing to do.

Larry P. Vellequette is a reporter for Auto News.

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