Only Hardcore Climbers Can Reach This Cliffside Pop-Up Outdoor Shop

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Opening a pop-up store on the side of a 300-foot cliff might not sound like an obvious way to attract passersby. But if your target market is outdoor types, it's a spectacular idea.

37.5 Technology, which makes advanced fabrics and materials found in outdoor apparel among other items, opened the "Cliffside Shop" this week on the Bastille Wall in Eldorado Canyon, just outside Boulder, Colo. As part of the stunt, the brand supplied climbers with apparel from Adidas, Rab and Point6, all made with its 37.5 Technology fabrics. Dave Bywater, an experienced climbing ranger and 37.5 employee, manned the shop all day, serving customers including well-known climbers Lynn Hill, Jesse Huey and James Lucas.

The campaign is by Boulder-based agency Work in Progress. No strangers to stunts, the startup agency previously attracted attention for the 37.5 brand when it sent a mattress to President Trump at the time of his inauguration, to help him sleep better and get off Twitter at 3 a.m.

Accrording to the agency, founded by ex-CP&B staffers exactly a year ago, it's designed to increase brand awareness among a community that's often skeptical of traditional advertising. There are plans for the shop to pop up in other remote locations as the campaign continues.

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