Heads or Tails? Bud Light's New NFL Ads Link to Coin Toss

BBDO's Swan Song Spots Urge 'Spontaneous Fun'

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Bud Light is ramping up its NFL marketing with new ads seeking to link the brand to the unpredictability of the coin tosses that begin each game.

TV spots show fans using the heads-or-tails outcome to dictate their social plans, like going to a beach party or snorkeling. The Anheuser Busch InBev-owned brew -- which is an official NFL sponsor -- is supporting the ads with a program at bars in which drinkers can flip a digital coin on a computer tablet and get the chance to win prizes or NFL tickets.

"The spirit of the new coin toss [ads] is spontaneous fun: Put two options on the table – both of them positive – and let the fate of the coin decide," Alexander Lambrecht, VP for Bud Light, said in a statement.

The ads mark the swan song for BBDO, New York, which lost the Bud Light account in July to Wieden & Kennedy, New York. BBDO shot the ads, while A-B InBev roster agency FCB, Chicago edited and completed the ads.

W&K is prepping a new campaign that is expected to debut as soon as December and will move away from the brand's two-year-old "Up for Whatever" campaign, Ad Age reported earlier this week.

Bud Light began the NFL season by promoting unique can designs made for every NFL team.

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