3 Marketing Issues Ad Age Will Tackle at Brand Summit L.A.

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Before 2016 even began, advertisers and agencies had plenty of pressing issues on their minds, especially when it came to making marketing work better. And after eight months of testing new tools and tactics, tweaking business models and analyzing efficiency, there are still many unanswered questions, plus some new ones.

On Nov. 2 and 3 in Los Angeles, Ad Age's Brand Summit will address some of those key issues as well as highlight strategies that are helping marketers big and small succeed.

1. How much should brands invest in virtual reality?
It is a pivotal time for virtual reality, with media companies and marketers diving into the emerging medium as headsets become more widely available to consumers. Yet even as conversations at CES, South by Southwest, the NewFronts and Cannes focused on the promise of immersive experiences, the rules are still being written. What content works best in VR? What form will ad integration take? What does a long-term VR marketing strategy look like? Not only will the conference delve into the current solutions and future opportunities of VR, it will spotlight one of the top VR campaigns of the year.

2. Is live video worth the hype?
If it isn't the year of VR, it may well be the year of live video, with major social media platforms pushing new capabilities for users and advertisers alike. But should all brands be creating live-streamed content? And if not, will the advertising opportunities currently available be effective? At Brand Summit in Los Angeles, agency leaders and marketers will debate the risks and rewards of real-time video and if it's really worth the time and investment.

3. Can marketers be effective content creators?
Content marketing continues to grow, even as industry players complain the term is "overused and underdefined." With the glut of content, what can brands do to make their efforts stand out and reach the right audience? Are there better ways to measure ROI? The event will explore the challenges of content marketing and the reality of staying relevant right now.

These topics and more will be covered at Ad Age's Brand Summit in Los Angeles. Learn more about the conference at adage.com/brandsummit2016. We are also live streaming the event to Ad Age Premier Plus members. Join Premier Plus to access the live stream here.

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