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Marketers must tune in to keep up

"We pay attention to the blogosphere. Our audience is online. They're having discussions about us and about our competitors, and they're talking about the marketplace. It may be good, and it may be bad, but it's important for us to pay attention to what's being said out there."

-Scott Anderson, Hewlett-Packard's director of enterprise brand communications, CNET, January 3, 2006


Blog posts that mention Harley-Davidson


Blog posts that mention Budweiser


Blog posts that mention Starbucks

Wal-Mart is pure evil

Blog devoted to bad news about the retail behemoth

Xbox brokey!

The title to recent post on the blog, "Ryan's Ramblin'"

Blog devoted to exploring alternatives to the iPod


New blogs created every day


Visits per day to The Unofficial Apple Weblog (


Number of blog posts made daily

Blog about Gatorade, maintained by "First in Thirs" author Darren Rovell
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