Infiniti Pays Tribute To 'National Lampoon's Vacation'

TV Spot Puts New Twist On Classic Clark Griswold Scene

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Infiniti has summoned some goofy nostalgia in a new QX60 ad that would make Chevy Chase proud.

The spot pays homage to a classic scene in 1983's "National Lampoon's Vacation" where an alluring blonde, played by supermodel Christie Brinkley, suddenly pulls up in a Ferrari alongside Chase's character Clark Griswold as he takes his family on a disastrous road trip in a haggard station wagon.

Infiniti's spot, titled "Vacation," puts a fresh spin on the scene 32 years later.

Actor Ethan Embry -- who played Clark's son, Rusty, in the 1997 sequel "Vegas Vacation" -- is in the driver's seat of the QX60 this time as he takes his family on a trip to Walley World. That's the amusement park that was infamously closed when the Grisworld's finally arrived in the original film.

A blonde in a Lamborghini catches Mr. Embry's eye momentarily until his wife, played by none other than Ms. Brinkley herself, brings him back to reality with the ironic statement, "Honey, a blonde in a convertible? Seriously?"

The spot, created by Infiniti's ad agency CP&B, begins airing nationally Thursday. It comes out just in time for the remake's July 29 release, which is also titled "Vacation."

When Infiniti first saw the concept for the ad in March, the brand didn't know a new film was also coming out, said Allyson Witherspoon, Infiniti USA's director-marketing communications and media.

The brand decided to run the spot a little earlier to coincide with the movie's release.

Ms. Witherspoon said in an interview, "There is a little bit of a sense of nostalgia just because it's such an iconic scene, but what we also wanted to do was bring it into the modern day and use a modern family and a modern car."

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