John Oliver Keeps Word, Chugs a Bud Light Lime

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Comedian John Oliver made good on a bet Sunday, chugging a Bud Light Lime in celebration of the resignation of embattled FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Mr. Oliver, host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver," had pledged a week earlier that he would consume the products of FIFA's sponsors if they made Mr. Blatter go away.

And while there is no evidence that Mr. Blatter announced his resignation in response to sponsor pressure, Mr. Oliver went through with his promise anyway. He chugged down McDonald's food and even wore a pair of golden Adidas shoes. When it came to Bud Light Lime, he could not resist firing off a few more barbs before tipping one back. He compared the lime-flavored beer to "Jolly Green Giant's ejaculate" and "like the Great Gazoo urinating in a public pool."

Bud Light apparently subscribes to the maxim that any PR is good PR, because the brand played along, tweeting this:

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