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Away, Quip and Burrow will discuss how they're keeping up with the demands of consumers

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Terry Kawaja of Luma Partners thinks they're more than a flash in the pan. At the annual retail conference Shoptalk, they shared the stage with companies like Walmart, Barneys and Lowe's.

Direct-to-consumer brands are commanding the attention of consumers as well as competitors as big as Procter & Gamble and Unilever. And as this new generation of players find their footing, their strategies are evolving beyond purely digital efforts. How d-to-c companies are changing will be the focus of the Ad Age Inside Pages event on March 27. Speakers include:

Selena Kalvaria, VP of brand marketing at Away

Stephen Kuhl, co-founder and CEO of Burrow

Emily Heyward, co-founder and chief strategist for Red Antler

Shane Pittson, head of marketing at Quip

Ad Age Inside Pages is a series of intimate talks that take a behind-the-scenes look at the important news and topics capturing the industry's attention. Get your ticket to the direct-to-consumer event on March 27 here.

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