Katy Perry, Coty Launch Perfume Line With Twitter Pop-Up Shop

Pop Singer Paired Up With Beauty Company To Debut Her Newest Fragrance By Using Twitter

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Katy Perry's 72 million Twitter followers are unmatched.

Katy Perry: Mad Potion full
Katy Perry: Mad Potion full

Now the pop singer and beauty company, Coty, are capitalizing on her following -- the most of any Twitter user-- with the virtual Katy Perry Pop Up to promote the sale of her newest fragrance, Mad Potion.

The virtual pop-up shop is selling the product for $30 through Twitter's buy button until a limited availability runs out, according to Emily Bond, VP-global marketing, celebrity brands and new business development for Coty, which is manufacturing the product.

"I think the consumer's always looking for something new, something unique and something different," Ms. Bond said. "We wanted to be able to speak to them and reach them where they were."

Ms. Bond declined to comment on the number of bottles that are being made available through Twitter.

The account, which gained more than 14,000 followers by Thursday afternoon, is the first of its kind for a beauty brand, Ms. Bond said. While she declined to comment on the virtual pop-up shop's cost, it is a relatively new concept for marketers. As with brick-and-mortar pop-up stores, the goal is primarily to pique consumer's interest.

Twitter's buy button debuted late last year, and retailers like Home Depot and Burberry, as well as artists such as Eminem and Pharrell have used the buy button to sell products.

Coty has worked with Mr. Perry's two other fragrance lines, and has experimented with pop-up shops before. Last year, Coty and Marc Jacobs created a pop-up shop in Soho to promote Daisy. The shop did not accept money however. Instead customers "purchased" the fragrance through Instagram photos, Facebook posts and tweets.

This time, Coty promoted the brand by extending the relationship between Ms. Perry and her followers. Twitter's embrace of commerce allowed for a "natural seam" between the brand and Ms. Perry's Twitter following, Ms. Bond said. "Creating an experience in an environment like this allows the consumer to feel like they just got something special that they can only get at this certain place during this certain time," Ms. Bond added.

The fragrance will hit retailers like Walgreens, Kohl's and Macy's once the limited availability on Twitter runs out. Based on the campaign's success, Ms. Bond said the pop-up shop could make a return during the holiday season.

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