Liberty Mutual Stands With Its Customers in New Spots

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To stand out in the crowded insurance industry, Liberty Mutual wants consumers to know it's standing with them. The Boston-based marketer recently rolled out the new tagline, "Liberty Stands With You," and is pushing a series of new spots highlighting its role helping solve real-life worries.

Three 30-second commercials, the first of which is already running and the second slated for early next year, were created to highlight the insurer's assistance in times of need and continue to evolve the "Truth Tellers" campaign that began in 2014. Liberty Mutual has updated all of its current commercials with the new tagline, which began airing over the summer.

"When you think about insurance, it's a big deal -- you're insuring your house, your car -- and it's kind of odd that the whole industry is making it very lighthearted," said Toygar Bazarkaya, chief creative officer at Havas, which has worked with Liberty Mutual for three years. "We shouldn't shy away from actually talking about insurance."

One spot juxtaposes a young driver stranded on the side of the road arguing with his father about lug-wrenches with a mom talking about how Liberty Mutual helped her son after his car had a flat tire in the middle of the night.

"The new work is really rooted in these worry insights -- that's what we strive to alleviate for our consumers," said Lisa Paige, assistant VP-manager of broad reach advertising at Liberty Mutual.

As part of the new offerings, Liberty Mutual is also running digital pre-roll ads that consumers can skip after five seconds to avoid listening to the actor enumerate all of his concerns. The idea is meant to reinforce the brand's mission of alleviating worries, essentially making them "skippable" for the customer.

"In instances where we know we have a second to get someone's attention, we really wanted to be disruptive and intrusive and break through," said Jenna Lebel, assistant VP-manager of digital marketing at Liberty Mutual.

The insurer declined to specify how much it is spending on the new push, though Ms. Paige said it is on par with prior efforts. Last year, Liberty Mutual spent $355.1 million on measured media in the U.S., according to Kantar Media.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article described Liberty Mutual's recently introduced tagline as "Liberty Mutual Stands With You"; the line is actually "Liberty Stands With You." The article also said the "Truth Tellers" campaign began in 2013; it began in 2014. And it described Lisa Paige and Jenna Lebel as associate VPs at Liberty Mutual; they are assistant VPs.

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