For Marketers' Eyes Only: Roger Moore's Life in Ads

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Roger Moore, who has died at the age of 89, will forever be linked to James Bond, having appeared in the movie franchise seven times. But the British actor was also a well-practiced pitchman. He hawked everything from milk to cigarettes, with brands often seizing on his Bond flair. Below, a look at some of his commercial appearances:

He was seduced on the ski slopes in this ad for Tesco by Lowe:

Philip Morris paid a reported $350,000 to have its Lark cigarette brand featured in "License to Kill," which starred Timothy Dalton as Bond. But the brand spread its money to other Bonds, including Moore for this two-minute Japanese ad set in Venice.

When Moore was not pitching smokes in Japan he was selling cars -- specifically Toyotas.

But he also coveted Oldsmobiles, or at least that's what his daughter suggested in this ad.

That a Bond man would prefer milk over martinis seems like a stretch, but the dairy industry nonetheless gave it a go featuring Moore in this spot.

An elderly Moore starred in this spot for the U.K.'s Post Office -- an appearance that a Guardian writer found "heartwrenchingly sad."

A couple years ago, he landed a gig pitching Siwsscom, a Switzerland telecommunications provider. It was filmed in three languages: Italian, German and French.

Finally, PETA mourned his passing on Tuesday, noting that he was a long-time supporter of the organization, at one point narrating this anti-foie gras video.

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