The Best Mother's Day Spots of the Year (So Far)

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Shoppers will spend some $23.6 billion to celebrate Mother's Day this year, a record high, up 10% form last year and equivalent to $186.39 per person.

Marketers, of course, are following the money.

With campaigns ranging in tone from weepy (American Greetings) to weird (ew, Skittles), brands will likely spend around $2.5 billion on marketing Mother's Day, 5% more than last year, estimated Robert Passikoff, president and founder of Brand Keys, which researches customer loyalty and engagement.

"What was once a relatively small, contained holiday has come to cross all ethnic and religious boundaries," Passikoff said.

We've highlighted some of the strongest, oddest and most affecting Mother's Day spots this year:

eHarmony: Someone For You

Part of a larger campaign around single mothers returning to dating.

Skittles: Umbilical

Possibly Skittles' weirdest effort yet.

Brawny: Once a Mother, Always a Giant

Brawny used Snapchat Spectacles to see moms through the eyes of their children -- literally.

American Greetings: Tattoo

A daughter gets a tattoo in remembrance of her deceased mother, underscoring the sadness of the holiday for some.

HP: Mother's Day

HP continues the effort it began last year of focusing on the emotional power of tangible, printed images.

Pampers: Mother's Day

Procter & Gamble Co.'s Pampers will wish moms a happy day on behalf of their newborns in an ad by Saatchi & Saatchi running on TV, online and social media from midnight to 5 a.m. on Sunday only. There's no better time to recognize that moms are up when "likely nobody else is," said Andrea Zahumensky, brand director of North America Baby Care.

Contributing: Jack Neff, Ann-Christine Diaz

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