McDonald's Testing All Day Breakfast Happy Meals in Tulsa

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McDonald's is testing breakfast Happy Meals that are available all day, potentially the first big change to Happy Meals in three decades.
McDonald's is testing breakfast Happy Meals that are available all day, potentially the first big change to Happy Meals in three decades. Credit: McDonald's

McDonald's is testing breakfast versions of its Happy Meals for kids, the latest extension of the All Day Breakfast lineup as the chain tries to keep the momentum of the popular menu addition going.

Starting Sept. 26, patrons at 72 McDonald's restaurants in Tulsa will be able to order either two McGriddle Cakes or an Egg & Cheese McMuffin in Happy Meals instead of the usual hamburger, cheeseburger or Chicken McNuggets. If it moves beyond the test stage, the change would be the first major addition to the Happy Meal in more than 30 years, McDonald's said.

"As we continue to listen to our customers, we've heard families say that All Day Breakfast is something they would like in their kids' Happy Meal as well," Kevin Hern, a local McDonald's franchisee, said in a statement.

It was not immediately clear how long the test would last. McDonald's, like other chains, often conducts tests without big announcements. However, the chain has also started to publicly discuss some of its tests, including the Gilroy Garlic fries test that began in the San Francisco Bay Area earlier this year.

McDonald's introduced All Day Breakfast last October. Adding Egg McMuffins and other items to the menu after the morning rush has helped reinvigorate sales at U.S. restaurants. McDonald's also recently expanded the All Day Breakfast menu by adding McGriddles. Plus, biscuit sandwiches were added at restaurants where only English muffin sandwiches were served all day, and vice versa.

Families with children are a coveted consumer group for McDonald's. Last month, the chain said it had removed artificial preservatives from items including Chicken McNuggets, and used a heartfelt father and daughter story to publicize that effort. Weeks later, it had to recall activity bands that were included as the toy in Happy Meals due to skin irritation issues.

As with other Happy Meals, the All Day Breakfast Happy Meals come with a drink and two sides. French fries will be available during lunch or dinner hours, while hash browns are available during breakfast or when available at the restaurant. Apple slices and strawberry Go-Gurt are other side options.

USA Today reported on the Tulsa test earlier on Friday.

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