No Peeking: New Jersey Auto Insurer Rolls Out Raunchy Ads

Princeton-Based Cure Was Yanked From Super Bowl Last Year but Will Try Again

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A spot from Cure urges customers to keep their eyes on the road.
A spot from Cure urges customers to keep their eyes on the road. Credit: Cure

The auto insurer whose "blue ball"-themed Super Bowl ad was pulled from regional networks earlier this year is back with another raunchy set. Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange, which operates as Cure in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania markets, recently debuted "Keep your eyes on the road," a 30-second spot in which one man takes a peek at another in front of the urinals. A second ad, "Use your blinkers correctly," features a man whose accidental poolside winks are noticed by a woman's angry boyfriend.

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The ads, which began airing in the fall, are part of a six-spot campaign, said Mike Kochnover, director of marketing for the 26-year-old company. A third commercial, "Check your blind spot," which has been in limited release in New York and Philadelphia, depicts a man trying on his wife's bra.

"We have a snarky marketing campaign—a kill-them-with-laughter idea that has worked for us," said Mr. Kochnover, who noted that the company tries to drive home car-centric ideas when it can. Cure worked with Philadelphia-based creative agency D4 on the campaign.

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The auto insurer, which serves 45,000 policyholders, is no stranger to controversial campaigns. For last year's Super Bowl, Cure used its talking blue ball mascot to reference Deflategate with a "blue balls" theme. The regional ads were pulled from local networks, which prompted the Princeton, N.J.-based company to air a commercial with the hashtag #CureForBlueBalls.

Mr. Kochnover, who declined to say how much Cure is spending on the campaign, confirmed that Cure will roll out a halftime spot during the Super Bowl in the New York and Philadelphia markets.

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