Structured-Settlement Company Focuses on Service Rather Than Instant Gratification

Peachtree Financial Solutions Takes Different Direction From Sibling J.G. Wentworth

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You know those daytime TV spots that guarantee a solution to your financial problems? The ones that typically involve an aggressive pitchman yelling at the top of his lungs about how he can get you the money you need?

One of those companies is taking a distinctly quieter ad approach based on customer service to reach its target audience – a niche market of customers whose assets are not liquid and who are in urgent financial need for things such as debt reduction, housing, auto and education. It's "See what you can do," soft-sell campaign is in stark contast to the approach of its sibling brand J.G. Wentworth, famed for it's "It's my money and I need it now!"

Radnor Pa.-based Peachtree Financial Solutions, along with its agency Yamamoto, has launched a campaign supported by national TV spots, direct mail, a new website and increased social media presence via Facebook and Twitter that focuses on customer service.

Driving the message is what the firm calls "The Peachtree Promise," a pledge that claims to focus on "outstanding customer service and customer engagement." The new brand identity, the firm said, will "outline the emphasis Peachtree representatives place on respect for customers, clarity in communications and collaboration on identifying appropriate financial solutions."

Peachtree Financial and J.G. Wentworth were merge in 2011 into JGWPT Holdings, the largest financial services firm of its kind. Both brands specialize in purchasing structured settlement payments, annuity payments and lottery payments from customers at a discounted price. Peachtree profits from providing a lump sum of cash to folks in need of immediate capital by purchasing their future stream of payments (either partly or in full) for less than the negotiated sum of its current market value.

"It's a fully integrated campaign and that's different from where we've been in the past," said Sean O'Reilly, senior VP-chief marketing officer of JGWPT Holdings regarding the Peachtree Financial campaign. "A big part of that change is because we have to expand the consideration for the universe of customers that have these structured settlements but, for whatever reason, have never considered settling. The goal is to show them there's a viable financial alternative."

The firm's online presence has been a key factor propelling the campaign. For instance, Peachtree's blog, Facebook and Twitter page mingles original content and articles on financial planning with tips on things like how to eliminate debt or increase the value of your home, whether to buy or lease a car and a guide to the different types of student loans.

"That's all the type of information that we know customers are looking for," said Mr. O'Reilly, "So providing that content builds brand value for us and ultimately builds a relationship with those customers."

It's also a big departure from JG Wentworth's earlier ad campaigns, which carry the line, "It's my money and I need it now!"

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