20% Off Is Better Than 3.14%, but Some Brands Are Still Totally Misusing Pi Day

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No offense to Kohl's calculations, but is a 20 percent discount the right way to take advantage of Pi Day? We suppose 3.14 percent off wouldn't really count as a door buster. While mostly ignoring the #nationalschoolwalkout also taking place on March 14, marketers tried a variety of ways to tie themselves to a day about mathβ€”some more successfully than others.

This is a stupid question, Marie Callender. But, dang, we love a meringue. You are forgiven.

We, uh, marvel at the pun. But no one has this much time, guys.

Starburst, you are neither a pie nor does pi relate to your candy snacks whatsoever. We'll take a red, though.

This is cool. Sports and math coexist.

Pizza in Minneapolis? That's like bagels in Atlanta. We'll pass.

Also Whole Foods: "Pay no attention to our vendor revolt!"

Nerds. Speaking of which ... why didn't Nerds tweet anything today?

We almost wanted to make fun of this because, silly Nascar, your tracks aren't circles. But it turns out you can caluclate the circumference of an oval with pi. We think. Forgive us, we are journalists.


OK, we're seeing a trend shape up here: You're either going to see tweets from pizza brands, tech brands, candy brands and ... uh, the occasional hotel brand.

Whoever wrote this tweet is a liar.

Also a liar.

Nailed it.
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