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"Consumers think they know what they want, but they often have trouble articulating it. But when we watch them, we can ask, 'Why do you do that?' We can change the product and solve their problems."

-Henrik Otto, senior VP-global design, Electrolux, a company that interviews people in their homes while using Electrolux products, in BusinessWeek

"As products become much more complex, it's not about designing the individual product, it's about orchestrating this complex ecosystem to create a wonderful customer experience. So my job touches on all aspects-all the tangible, visual, real-world aspects of that experience. If you just think of a customer journey, it's everything from collateral and point-of-sale to packaging to the industrial design, the user interface, and the area where interface and the software and the hardware come together, which we call product interaction. So it's orchestrating all of those touch points."

-Sam Lucente, VP-design, Hewlett-Packard, answering the question, "Can you describe your role within HP?" to BusinessWeek.com

"The iPod is the No. 1 toy. My view is why fight them? Why not join them?"

-Isaac Larian, CEO, MGA Entertainment, maker of the Bratz line of toys, explaining his rationale for creating a Bratz chair that serves as an iPod speaker, CNN.com
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