Ray Liotta Takes on Two Roles As KFC's Latest Celebrity Colonel

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Ray Liotta is the latest celebrity to star as Colonel Sanders.
Ray Liotta is the latest celebrity to star as Colonel Sanders. Credit: KFC

The club of KFC's celebrity colonels has a new member.

As some might recall, Vincent Kartheiser hawked Nashville Hot-style chicken late last year, followed by Billy Zane as the Georgia Gold Colonel (covered in gold) earlier this year. They are two of a seemingly ever-growing lineup of celebrities donning the Colonel's white suit (or in Zane's case, gold suit). More recently, KFC has been using footage of the actual Colonel Harland Sanders in some commercials.

Now, actor Ray Liotta is the face of both Georgia Gold and Nashville Hot. A new spot has him sitting at the desk of Colonel Sanders, where both styles are repeatedly shown and named before the "Goodfellas" star bellows "what have I become?"

At the end of a version being released Thursday, Liotta spends nearly half of the ad switching between a frown --- a face he's more known for in his various roles --- and a smile.

The spot is the latest in the two-years-running celebrity colonel work from Wieden & Kennedy, a campaign that has helped the brand grow in the United States. KFC's U.S. same-store sales in the recent second quarter rose 2%.

Other celebrities who have appeared in KFC's ads as a colonel character include Rob Lowe, Rob Riggle, George Hamilton, Jim Gaffigan, Norm Macdonald and Darrell Hammond.

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