Red Lobster Belatedly Enjoys the Beyonce Bounce

Can a Song Lead to a Sales Bump? If That Song Is From Beyonce, Yes

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Red Lobster, after showing up hours late to Beyonce's party, is definitely making up for its delay.

The family-friendly chain was criticized for its lackluster response to a shout-out from Queen B in her newly released single, "Formation." Though that doesn't seem to have tempered fans' enthusiasm. CNBC reported that Red Lobster is seeing a sales bump that the chain has dubbed a "Beyonce bounce." Red Lobster did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

To be clear, it would be hard to track just how much of a sales bump Red Lobster is getting from Beyonce. After all, it's not like waiters are asking patrons "did Bey send you?" And Red Lobster won't necessarily publicly report the actual sales lift. The company is no longer part of a publicly-traded restaurant group. Darden Restaurants sold the then-struggling chain to private equity firm Golden Gate Capital in 2014.

It's also already a busy time for the chain, given it began its Lobsterfest promotion on Feb. 1, days before the song's release. Still, for now, the credit is going to Queen B.

"Formation," which was released on Saturday and can be found on Beyonce's website, mentions visiting Red Lobster in a very suggestive way.

After the song's surprise release, fans of Beyonce and Red Lobster took to Twitter and other social media outlets, wondering what the seafood chain had to say about it. The song features other brands like Givenchy and Cuervo, while Adidas gets a cameo in the video. But those names are likely more accustomed to shout-outs from celebrities than the family-friendly restaurant.

It took Red Lobster several hours to respond, which seemed to some like an eternity in today's socially-savvy world.

The company's first tweet included a bit of humor, a departure from a chain more comfortable promoting new menu items or gift cards. Still, its attempt missed the mark with some.

Now Red Lobster is having a bit more fun with the mention. It has sent out a few more Beyonce-related tweets, though it has yet to post a Beyonce-related mention on its Facebook page or its Instagram feed.

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